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Use powerful Content Management tools to display event information of any size, shape or format.

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An interactive agenda builder that lets you:

  • Include programs and sessions with relevant titles and descriptions
  • Assign time slots to speakers and delegates
  • Choose between day-wise or time-wise views
  • Edit on-the-fly to accommodate last minute changes


people decide to go to an event after seeing the schedule & agenda

Tell your attendees know whom to expect at your conference.

  • Link Speaker profiles via for public display
  • Manage their slots and timings
  • Add topics that will be discussed in the seminar / summit


people prefer to attend an event if their favourite speaker is also coming

Tell your visitors know whom to expect at your expo.

  • Import Exhibitor list, logos, products and services
  • Assign booth numbers and stall slots
  • Write an Exhibitor Profile to attract relevant applications


trade show visitors inquire about exhibitor directories / lists

  • Upload high quality logos in JPG, JPEG or PNG format
  • Drag-and-drop logos the way you want them to be placed
  • Give relevant sponsorship titles like silver, gold or platinum


people perceive the event to be more promising if sponsor information is present

  • Upload high quality JPG, JPEG, PNG images or PDFs
  • Give appropriate titles, headers, descriptions
  • Re-arrange floor-wise or hall-wise


people refer to plans to pre-plan their visit for a smoother event coverage

Turn your page into an event gallery.

  • Upload unlimited pictures, posts and banners
  • Provide YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram links to videos
  • Allow display of pics clicked & tweeted by attendees


people decide to attend after checking out the images / highlights of previous editions

Beef up your listing with additional details like:

  • Ticket prices and direct payment links
  • Ratings, reviews and feedback of your past attendees
  • Trending industry topics, discussions and posts
  • Nearby hotels and inns


higher chances of pre-registrations if such details are available

Strengths of the CMS


Unique Do-It-Yourself platform that eliminates dependency and encourages experimentation

Real Time

All particulars and edits go LIVE instantly and can be previewed immediately


Cross-browser and cross-device support so that there is zero limitation


A smart event strength suggestor that tells what information is missing and should be added

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