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The high-value leadership workshop utilised the event potential of 10times in order to take the event buzz to the right audience.


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Self-Actualized Leadership Development Workshop




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Radisson Blu Marina Hotel Connaught Place, New Delhi, India


Self-Actualized Leadership Development Workshop- "Developing and Networking Self-Actualized Change Leaders"

This high-value leadership workshop is being conducted across all major cities of the country to make participants realize their Self-Actualization needs and how aligning the decision-making with Universal Principles results into very high performance in the personal and professional life of a person.
Highlights- Learning sessions on difference between a leader and a self-actualized change leader.


To utilise the potential of 10times' event data in order to enhance the reach of the event

The aim was to attract industry leaders who are actually interested in the event's agenda i.e self-actualized leadership development.


Targeted emailer campaign to make full use of our in-depth event data for our client

To reach to the right audience, we planned to carry out an intent-driven emailer campaign.


Measuring the right KPIs

Event Data- As the world's largest event discovery platform which generates massive B2B traffic, 10times is home to valuable event data. This data is a goldmine in terms of both the depth and the span. Moreover, this data has evolved over the years making it more categorised. Thus, our database tends to understand the event industry in a more targeted and holistic manner, focusing on industry/city and the country segregation of data. There are many stakeholders in an event (visitors, exhibitors, vendors etc), so it's crucial to utilise data according to the client's need. In this case, our client was interested in attracting professionals who are genuinely interested in the agenda, we planned our database campaign accordingly.

Right channels- The importance of event data depends on how we utilise it. As the event targeted event professionals, we planned to go ahead with the emailer campaign. Since our e-newsletters are regularly read by so many event professionals around the globe, we have created a credible database over the years. Emailer campaign could easily take the words to the credible ears, thereby, increasing the buzz regarding the event. Thanks to this authentic database that the delivery rate of emails was as high as a whopping 96.24%.

Dedicated campaign team- No matter how much the technology has dominated, a human touch is necessary. We understand this. That's why we provided our client with a team of dedicated campaign experts. The task of this team was to first spot the needs of the client by carrying out in-depth research of the event. Further, this team went ahead to plan the country/city/industry targeting (based on the needs of the event). This process was accompanied by a parallel discussion with the client. We demonstrated the whole campaign before our client from time to time. This way, we gained much-needed inputs to make the campaign more effective.

- Client Testimonial -

The 10times website has been a great booster to our business development effectiveness. We got reasonably good number of leads for our events hosted on 10times website. In addition to the leads generated through email campaign, we get good number of qualified leads organically. The relevance of leads generated has raised our sales conversion to a good number and we look forward to a continued relationship with 10times and keep it an integral part of our overall business development effort


Hitesh Chandel
Defined Values Consultants