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10times marketing strategy helped the exhibition accelerate its growth.


# 2,91,274

Email Reach

# 51,306

Social Impressions

# 13,207

Event Registrations

# 393


Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.

Event name

Shanghai International Auto Air-Conditioning & Transport Refrigeration Exhibition




Auto & Automotive
Industrial Engineering


Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China


To be the Pioneer of Mobile Refrigeration Industry, To serve Manufacturing and Maintenance Market

The exhibition follows the latest trends in the refrigeration industry closely and is famous in the refrigeration industry for its professionalism. Its influence stretches beyond China, and it is one of the refrigeration industry's most important special exhibitions in Asia and the rest of the world.


To utilise a marketing campaign which is guided by both professionalism and innovation.

We customised our marketing campaign according to the client's need. This helped in targeting the right audience.


Plan to create the right opportunity for an impactful marketing campaign

Right audience + Right time + Right tools + Right information + Right execution = Right opportunity


Measuring the right KPIs

Right audience- Our marketing campaign was highly intent-driven. Considering the needs of our client, we targeted the audience from the relevant regions and industries (those who were genuinely interested in the event). This result-oriented campaign helped not just in generating impressions but in delivering ROI.

Right time- We planned the promotion calendar focusing on the nature of the event. Right from the start of the campaign, we analysed those “hotspots” where campaign proves to be most impactful.

Right tools- Event technology played a defining role in the overall campaign. Our event management solution oDASH helped the client in real-time event management. Just with a few clicks, our client had a personalised app and website for this event.

Right information- oDASH also brought adequate information to the client at the right time. The event analytics from the dashboard helped in recognising the potential attendees. The Content management system (CMS) of oDASH helped in crafting the content as per the industry standards.

Right execution- Our dedicated team executed the entire campaign as per the planning. They ensured that the campaign remains innovative and follows industry standards.


The event registrations numbers scaled rapidly

The utilisation of the right opportunity helped us in getting the desired results-

Impressions - 2,91,274
Email Reach - 51,306
Social Media - 13,207
Registration - 393

- Client Testimonial -

I'm glad we've achieved cooperation with you in last year, since we associated with you, we got a large number of overseas visitors from target areas is what we hope to see. Due to the network policy in China, we cannot perfectly promote our exhibition in overseas countries, we need good partners like you to help us with promotion, facts proved your service is definitely useful to us. I will continue to use your services and increase my budget. And finally, I want say thank 10TIMES, YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!

Jia Liang
Project Manager
Shanghai International AutoAir-conditioning & Transport Refrigeration Exhibition