Success Story

The expo leveraged the potential of 10times to attain actualized business goals and brand awareness.


# 2,25,493

Email Reach

# 79,628

Social Impressions

# 4,461

Event Registrations

# 220



Event name

Legion Sports Fest




Food & Beverages
Wellness, Health & Fitness


Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, USA


Multi-Sport Consumer Fitness Expo - Ignite Your Fitness Superpowers

The Legion Sports Fest is a consumer fitness expo with 12 fitness sports, 2,000+ athletes, seminars, celebrities, hundreds of vendors, a fitness ultra-lounge, and 10-12,000 total attendance! The event features 12 sports, seminars, celebrities, hundreds of vendors, and a fitness ultra lounge.


To enhance the reach of the event with an intent-driven marketing campaign

We aligned our event solutions with the needs of the client to make the overall campaign more effective


Comprehensive marketing campaign startegy

A marketing plan details how an organizer aims to reach specific marketing objectives. From event branding to event engagement, we focused on all important aspects to generate relevant & targeted results.


Measuring the right KPIs

Event insights- 10times is the world’s largest event community which covers events from across the globe. This vast span of events is accompanied by in-depth event insights. The rich event database of 10times gave a clear picture to the client regarding the audience to be targeted for the event. Based on these insights and the realtime analytics from oDASH, we worked on these three dimensions of the marketing campaign :-

  • Event planning- Our client easily managed the overall campaign from a single dashboard. The event-specific CMS (content management system) of oDASH helped in putting the right content at the right places in the right time. The dashboard was accessible to all the members of the organising team and the user access permissions were under admin’s control.

  • Event Branding- Event technology played a major role in event branding. We provided our client with a white-label event app, thereby ensuring 100% branding of the event. At the same time, the event app was native which allowed more customised app features. Event website and the listing on 10times page also helped in establishing the event’s brand value.

  • Event engagement- Event engagement is more effective when personalised. Our client had a good idea regarding the kind of engagement activities to be executed through the event app. This was possible because of the event analytics from the dashboard which gave a fair understanding of the taste of potential attendees.

    The event registrations numbers scaled rapidly

    The results of this campaign are a testimony to our efforts-

    Impressions - 2,25,493
    Email Reach - 79,628
    Social Media - 4,461
    Registration - 220

    - Client Testimonial -

    Thanks client servicing team for checking on the performance of the campaign. I have sold 4 booths (1 more since we last spoke a couple hours ago!). Overall I am happy and relieved that everything you said has been accurate with projections. And your service detail during the campaign has been great. THANKS AGAIN!

    Ted Johnson
    Director of Strategic Partnerships