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The leading ceramics exhibition enhanced its visibility and reach with 10times marketing strategy


# 2,28,968

Email Reach

# 11,671

Social Impressions

# 14,462

Event Registrations

# 218


Messe Munchen Gmbh Germany

Event name

ceramitec conference




Auto & Automotive Industrial Engineering


National Convention & Exhibition Center, Shanghai,China


Ceramitec conference- the meeting point for ceramic applications

Ceramitec is the meeting point for the international ceramics industry: Ceramics is finding its way into more and more applications and expanding the possibilities with new manufacturing processes. Ceramics is thus one of the most traditional but at the same time most innovative materials.


To boost their event's reach using global event community of 10times

We helped the client with our massive industry presence by making the event internationally visible to the right set of audience.


We utilised our in-depth event insights to frame the overall campaign

This helped us achieve quality results within desired time-limit.


Measuring the right KPIs

Guided by event experts- Our team of campaign experts analysed the client’s needs in order to frame a personalised strategy. From content to design, everything was planned in line with the brand’s vision. This team also helped the client with easy onboarding on the oDASH.

Time-effective- We helped our client with a well-strategised marketing timeline. All the reminders for the event were sent in accordance with the calendar. We helped our client attract those exhibitors and visitors who were interested in the event. Moreover, organisers could integrate dashboard with their personal CRM which saved a lot of time.

Cost-effective- The right use of event technology helped in significant cost-cutting. Tech-accessories such as event app and website came along with the oDASH. Thus, our client didn’t find a need to invest in additional developer support.

Intent-driven- The event community of 10times is curated according to the B2B event industry, which makes it result-oriented. Thanks to this community that we went beyond generating impressions and brought real ROI to the client.

Tech-driven- The entire campaign was heavily influenced by technology. Our event management solution oDASH helped the organiser with management as well as marketing. With oDASH CMS, our client managed content across various platforms in real-time. oDASH was also integrated with social media sites for a wider span of promotions. Moreover, it helped our client in building event apps and event website without any tech assistance.


The event registrations numbers scaled rapidly

Here are the numbers to speak on behalf of the successful campaign-

Impressions - 2,28,968
Email Reach - 11,671
Social Media - 14,462
Registration - 218

- Client Testimonial -

It was a good experience. 10times and its team have really taken care about our event and from a customer service point of view, the management of the campaign from your end was excellent. You were always up to date and eager to connect in order to improve the outcome of the event.

Igor Palka
Ceramitec Conference